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Archify has made a huge impact in the design and construction industry with over 15,000 CPD presentations completed to date. With its free Archify Education offering to design professionals, this educational tool is key for your business success; giving you greater visibility, building brand awareness and facilitating potential lead generation.

What is Continuing 
Professional Development? (CPD) 


As professionals strive to remain at the top of their game, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) serves as an important resource for keeping skills and expertise improved. From attending training workshops to accessing online resources or simply networking with other experts in the field – CPD helps unlock opportunities for career growth and development.

Ongoing learning & development

Dedicated design professionals understand the importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for advancing their skills and knowledge. Whether attending seminars or engaging in online courses – ongoing learning opportunities offer invaluable resources to help them remain competent and stay ahead of industry trends.

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Mandatory for design professionals

Regularly keeping up with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential for design professionals in order to uphold their professional licenses, keep employment or maintain memberships of organisations. If not adhered to, serious repercussions such as disciplinary action and even legal consequences may be experienced.

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Crucial for professional growth

Through CPD opportunities, not only can professionals hone their existing expertise and keep up with industry advancements; they also expand their skillset, gain new perspectives on creativity, and build relationships in the field.

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Why become a CPD provider?

Becoming a CPD provider can be hugely beneficial for your business. It not only allows you to build brand awareness amongst industry thought-leaders but also provides an opportunity to develop and deliver valuable learning content that will attract quality leads, resulting in greater sales potential.
Let us assist you in becoming a CPD provider through our CPD support services. 

Demonstrate Expertise

Highlight your products and the industry in which they operate.

Build Brand Awareness

Share information about your products and company.

Generate Leads

Provide valuable and informative content while attracting potential customers.

Stay Current

Remain competitive by providing solutions for the latest industry trends, best practices and technologies.

Improve Customer Relationships

Foster loyalty and increase customer satisfaction by creating and delivering CPD presentations.

Competitive Edge

Provide high quality learning opportunities and increase the perceived value of your brand and products status.

Showcase expertise with other industry leaders

Join the ranks of renowned industry leaders and demonstrate your brand’s knowledge with CPD provider certification. Be a part of something bigger, share insight that matters.

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Elevate your marketing strategy with Archify Education

Become part of Archify’s community, connecting thousands of design professionals who need to stay up-to-date with their CPD education.  
We will help you create professional, engaging content that is seen by over 6,000 industry experts on the free Archify Education offering
 – maximising the impact and visibility for your business.

Pre-recorded online content

We simplify CPD for design professionals with online webinars that can be paused, rewound, and rewatched.

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Professional Support & Guidance

Our experienced team is on hand to ensure your CPD content meets all regulations and standards. On successful completion of the webinar, participants will be rewarded with a certificate celebrating their success.

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All-in-one solution

Archify offers an all-in-one marketing solution from your very own brand profile, unlimited product and document listing, one-click specification capabilities to your very own educational webinars.

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